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    The source of your loneliness may be the fact that you have been left by someone due to a breakup, death or a move. Perhaps, a set of circumstances in life has led you to retreat into yourself. Whichever it may be, you need to find a way to break loose. It is never too […]

    The post 6 Ways to Overcome the Loneliness and Restart Your Life appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    If you are that last minute man, there is a possibility you have heard others say procrastination is a bad thing. People see procrastinators as those who are doomed to miss out on many opportunities in life because they hardly get things done at the right time. Frankly speaking, procrastination is underrated. There are several […]

    The post Best Ways to Gain Benefits From Your Procrastination appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    “Because I said so” is generally not a great way to get your teen to do anything other than sulk and hate you for the rest of the day. They rebel, they brood, they sigh, and they often make you a little anxious about how their life is going to turn out. Some teenagers are […]

    The post Top 5 Secrets to Motivate Teenagers in 2018 appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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  • 12/11/17--03:28: Michael Phelps Net Worth
  • Michael Phelps Net Worth: $55 million Source of Wealth: Professional Swimmer, Olympic Winner Date of Birth: June 30th, 1985 Nationality: United States of America Last Updated: December 2017   Introduction Success is never built overnight.  However, it takes a lot of patience, courage, and of course hard work. Michael Phelps’ is one of those famous personalities, […]

    The post Michael Phelps Net Worth appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    “People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.” – Hans F. Hansen All people that surround us have a strong impact on our lives and our success in particular. Successful people are assertive; they want to improve constantly as a person and as a professional. On the contrary, there are always different […]

    The post 7 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid Like Disease appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    As humans, we need to communicate daily in our lives, although the majority of our daily interaction is verbal, a great deal of communication requires writing.   Writing forms an integral part of our daily life. Most people find it convenient to communicate through writing. Some of the obvious examples are postings or messages we […]

    The post Top 5 Ways that Shows How You Can Benefit from Writing in Daily Life appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    An office is a place of professionalism and no passion or emotions are allowed in. The second part of the sentence is completely incorrect. Both passion and emotions are and should be present. You can be passionate about your work if you like it, about your quarterly targets, about your next marketing campaign, your career […]

    The post 7 Tips for Resolving a Conflict Situation at Work appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Have you ever wonder why some people go to the gym, how do they motivate themselves to get off the couch? Well, for a lot of people, that seems to be a big problem. They just don’t have that extra motivation for getting themselves into the gym. To really understand why some people exercise and […]

    The post Why Your Brain Stops You from Exercising appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    We pick up very many unhealthy and unproductive habits while we are at work without even realizing it. It is very important to be aware of these habits so that you can watch out for them and rectify them if you already have them. Below are some of the most common habits people pick up […]

    The post 8 Unhealthy and Mindless Work Habits That You Should Avoid appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Let’s face it: Motivation, productivity, mindfulness, well-being… These life categories are under the media spotlight right now, and hundreds – if not thousands – bloggers hold it their duty to write articles on these topics. The same goes for books. Be honest: How many non-fiction books on motivation do you find when searching Google for […]

    The post 7 Motivational Books For Women [And by Women] That (Really!) Make Sense appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Anxiety is a common medical condition, affecting people in degrees, from mild apprehension to full-blown panic attacks that can be extremely debilitating. Because we are social creatures anxiety can be a real issue, especially when it comes to meeting people in situations that might lead to dating. If you are a sufferer and want to […]

    The post Top 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Overcome the Social Anxiety appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    So many people shy away from network marketing because there’s always some kind of misunderstanding about what this actually means. Some say that the success rates are low. Some say that it’s too demanding or hard. But network marketing isn’t more likely to fail than any other type of business is. There may be a […]

    The post 7 Things Successful Network Marketing Businessmen Do appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Ever since you were young, you are constantly reminded of the importance and advantages of eating healthy. As a kid, a vital diet was probably enforced on you. As a teen, it may have been part of your health ed class. As an adult, it comes naturally to you to know that choosing your diet […]

    The post Positive Effects of Eating Healthy Food on a Healthy Lifestyle appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Personal development is vital for every human. It is a personal development that helps each one of us to maintain the work-home harmony by aligning our inner peace. Although it won’t be wrong to say that we all are busy in our lives, but the life of a business executive is definitely a lot harder and more […]

    The post Personal Development Techniques Busy Executives Can Use appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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    Everyone wants to finish tasks on time, submit assignments by deadlines, and work efficiently. Unfortunately, many people get distracted – they cannot say no to parties or spend too many hours scrolling down on social media. While relaxation should take up a decent part of your day, increasing your work rate is also essential. If […]

    The post Best 10 Mobile Applications to Take Your Productivity to the Next Level appeared first on Calling Dreams.

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